EMF Shield Ultimate Protection Pack

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The EMF Shield ultimate protection pack includes;

  • 1 x EMF Protection Hologram 3-pack – Choose Silver or Gold Holograms (add more to your liking)
  • 1 x EMF Protection Pendant (sterling silver, stainless steel or stainless steel gold)

Plus options to build your pack by adding:

  • I8UT Home protection  (save 7% at checkout)
  • Jewellery cleaning cloth  (save 20% at checkout)

EMF Protection - Hologram 3 pack

The EMF Shield Hologram Harmonizes electromagnetic radiation by projecting its sacred geometric coherent energetic field overriding scattered EMF in the environment and from devices. Grab one for your phone, laptop and car with this hologram 3 pack.

Note: some photos look like the hologram is black, it isn't. Hologram backing is either Silver or Gold.

EMF Protection Pendant

The original EMF Shield Hologram Pendant (since 2013)

Our EMF Protection Pendant Harmonizes electromagnetic radiation by projecting its coherent energetic field out up to a 19m radius.
The Hologram Pendant contains our original and unique Sacred Geometric Holograms fused between glass surrounded by a choice of 3 frames:

  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel (gold plated)

: some photos look like the hologram is black, it isn't. Hologram backing is Silver on one side and Gold on opposite side.
International Shipping: Pendants will only ship with Tracked Shipping. Please select it at checkout. If you want to add insurance click here

EMF Protection for Whole House

EMF House Protection with the Infinity 8 Unity Tube. The I8UT contains 8 of our original and unique Sacred Geometry holograms layered in a specific way to enhance projection and harmonisation. It is wrapped in a silicone band.

The I8UT is used in environmental applications and within energy healing modalities.

*Available as silver or gold visible hologram - I8UT colour shipped will be what have in stock at the time of ordering.

Jewelry Cleaning Cloth (Sunshine)

Remove tarnish and polish your jewelry to a bright shine with this Sunshine cleaning cloth. Impregnated with special micro-abrasives and a cleansing agent working together to clean and shine your EMF Shield pendants and all your jewellery pieces.


The EMF Shield Protection Pack includes our 3 protection options;

  • Hologram 3-pack – protection for all electical and wireless devices
  • Unity Pendant – personal protection
  • I8UT – whole house protection (optional) (save 7% at checkout)

Benefits of the Protection Pack:
* Unity EMF Protection Pendant for personal protection while out and about
* I8UT for harmonization of the whole house
* Hologram 3-pack to harmonize and proctect all your electronic devices
* Electromagnetic Radiation Protection
* Communicates Organic Creation Codes to every cell in your body
* Connection to the Divine Blueprint
* Increased body electrical strength
* Improved balance
* Improved concentration and focus
* Overall Health and Well-being

Please refer to our individal listings for more information on each of the 3 items in this pack.

Purchase the Protection Pack and recieve the best price on these 3 essential EMF Shield products when purchased as a pack.

Care of your EMF Shield products
The pendant has glass components, treat it with care as to reduce the chance of scratching or breakage. Sterling silver will tarnish over time depending on sweat and products you apply to the skin such as moisturizer. Environmental toxins can also tarnish silver. Silver is easily cleaned from tarnish with silver cleaning products such as a silver cloth or silver cream. It is advised to not get your EMF Shield products wet.
The holograms may fade when exposed to moisure or acids on hands, protect accordingly.
Keep the I8UT away from moisture and place in the centre of the area to be harmonized.

Additional information

EMF Protection - Hologram 3 pack

Weight0.005 kg
Dimensions5 × 0.2 × 10 cm
Hologram Colour

Gold Hologram, Silver Hologram

EMF Protection Pendant

Weight0.025 kg
Dimensions5 × 1 × 10 cm

Stainless Steel – gold, Stainless Steel – silver, Sterling Silver

EMF Protection for Whole House

Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 1 cm


Jewelry Cleaning Cloth (Sunshine)

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions19 × 12.7 × 0.1 cm


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