EMF Protection – Hologram 3 pack

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The EMF Shield Hologram Harmonizes electromagnetic radiation by projecting its sacred geometric coherent energetic field overriding scattered EMF in the environment and from devices. Grab one for your phone, laptop and car with this hologram 3 pack.

Note: some photos look like the hologram is black, it isn’t. Hologram backing is either Silver or Gold.

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EMF Shield Hologram – 3 pack

Harmonize radiation from Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Game consoles and any wireless / electrical device

EMF Coherence Factor: 9.7/10

The EMF Shield Hologram has an amazing EMF harmonizing capacity by projecting its coherent energetic field out to a 19m* radius.

Are you aware of the dangers your mobile / cell phone is exposing your body too? The non-ionizing radiation emitted from your portable wireless device not only connects your device to a tower for communication purposes, this invisible radiation is also communicating with your DNA and every cell in your body, it scrambles cellular communication within the body and can even break both strands of DNA, You need protection and you can get it with the EMF Shield Hologram!

The EMF Shield Hologram is a micro thin Holographic Film encoded with very specific creation codes of Organic Biology. These codes continuously project an informational field of sacred geometry 19m into your local environment harmonizing any scattered EM energy fields.

You are protected with the EMF Shield Radiation Protection Hologram.

Easily sticks onto any mobile wireless device.  *as indicated by muscle testing/kinesiology

emfshield holograms The EMF Shield Hologram has a silver backing (the photos look like it is black) (These pics are all of the same hologram).


EMF Shield Hologram 3-pack


**Condition of Sale: By purchasing these holograms you agree to; not on-sell, modify or use in a new product for sale. These holograms are to be used as stand alone items as indicated in the listing above and not re-purposed or re-sold, to do so will be a breach of copyright and IP.


**Refer to product disclaimer in terms

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Weight0.005 kg
Dimensions5 × 0.2 × 10 cm
Hologram Colour

Gold Hologram, Silver Hologram

17 reviews for EMF Protection – Hologram 3 pack

  1. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Shipped super fast, we put them on our phones, thanks so much!
    Reviewed by Melia on 15 February, 2015

  2. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Instant whoosh & popping sound when I placed this on my ipad – the kids even turned around to ask what that noise was. Highly recommend these & I’ll buy more to gift to family. Regardless of if you’re sceptical or not it doesn’t hurt to have one on your phone particularly with the scientific studies only trialing now about radioactive wave affects on the human brain (no-one’s going to notice a nice looking sticker on the back of your mobile that’s probably in a case anyway). Love that this guy is all about spreading the love with no negativity involved.
    Good intentions. Thank you!!

    Reviewed by Genevieve on 12 May, 2015

  3. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    These are great, I love that they are unobtrusive.

    Reviewed by Jamie on 28 June, 2015

  4. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Absolutely beautiful!! So in love with these hologram stickers. I love how they don’t protrude from the phone. Thank you!!! 🙂

    Reviewed by Bridget on 15 August, 2015

  5. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Hi, sending you a email regarding how the emf shield helped.
    Until getting the shield whenever I layed in bed I was in constant extensor spasms which accounted for most of my daily spasms. Last week we bought the hologram sticker on your recommendation due to the power meter box attached to my bedroom wall. Suprise no morning spasms, this has also enabled me to deduce another trigger. Last night we got very little sleep due to Marks sore knee, so I’m tired and spasming.


    After 1 week, it appears there are only 2 reasons for my spasms, tiredness and the EMF.
    I’m still amazed how a small sticker has helped.
    And I have also noticed the difference between the spasms, if it’s tiredness I can feel it coming on giving me a chance to backup from obstacles such as low table braces. Whereas the EMF had so many triggers, moving quickly, being touched, thinking about being touched, etc and they were more severe.
    Again totally amazed.

  6. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    I have tested the EMF Shield products and they offer exceptional protection to a large range of electromagnetic smog. These devices work better for this purpose than anything I have tested before.

    Guy Bennett B.Sc. Kinesiologists QLD, Australia

  7. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    So I was kinda skeptical of this product but very familiar with sacred geometry so I wanted to give this a try as my hand always goes numb holding my phone and I figured out it was the phone causing it and I know it’s from the EMF emitting from it! So I got the product and not only is it beautiful but it works! No more numb hand and since its placed on my phone case I tested it to see if I took the case off would my hand go numb again and it did! So I’m going to place these all over my laptop as well! Make sure you read the directions on how to adhere it and take it off carefully from the backing so as not to bend it or it will not adhere right. Matt the store owner has great customer service! I have tried orgonite products for emf protection and although they work they are a bit bulky and not as pretty as this product! Love!

  8. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    This is my second time purchasing these. There is no better sticker in existence. I trust its emf reductive, but its worth its cost just to be able to look at it every day. It can literally brighten my mood immediately; rainbows and sacred g, yes please. I get compliments on this constantly. Love love love. ✨???❤️????????♻️??☄?????????✨

  9. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    I had problems holding my electronics too long (especially my phone), my hand goes numb and start to get pain up my arm. Was looking for a light and easy device to deal with the EMF that does not obstruct the protective case and purchased this item. It really works and I’m very pleased with it. Vendor was very helpful and respond to my postage request promptly. I’m buying more.

  10. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Excellent seller! Will do business with again! A+++

  11. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Good stuff. Quick to receive and easy to apply. Thank you for your service

  12. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Fantasstic, easy to use. thank you

  13. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Exactly what I was after, thank you!

  14. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Finely crafted details are what make these powerful and effective. I have noticed an effect on my body. When using my cellular device.

  15. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Super high quality! Like others have said, the sticker and sacred geometry are mesmerizing! No doubt that these will work as intended.

  16. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Received as described\pictured. Beautiful designs that change as you move it around! Shipped fast. Thank you!

  17. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Love this beautiful and protective holographic EMF 5G protective sticker ! I’d take a picture of it but it’s on the back of my phone ! The other one was a gift. Suffice it to say it works as much as it looks beautiful. My inquisitive, crystal and Reiki practitioner, I had to measure the frequency just out of curiosity tho ! How amazing it does what it does ! Oh and the shipping was fab and I received mine days before I was expecting its arrival ! Going to purchase a few more for tablet , laptop and Mac … I use Shungite and Black tourmaline pyramids as well but these are fantastic for on the go protection! Thank you!

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