Sacred Geometry and Wellness

This email was recieved today and I thought it would be good to share the fact that many energy pratitioners are incorporating sacred goemetry in to their healing modalities. This email is from Karen Kan – Academy of Light Medicine.

When you think of manifestation and healing, sacred geometry probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Though mandalas and crystal grids have made their way into the new age aesthetic, it seems to be more for looks than any real purpose. 

But what if I told you Sacred Geometry is the foundation of transmuting desire into form

Everything in our physical reality is geometric—and Sacred Geometry is the bridge between  Quantum existence (think waves/energy) and physical existence (think particles, or what we experience as solid matter). 

Basically, Sacred Geometry is the building blocks of everything we experience here on earth. 

So when we’re looking to manifest our desires, attract our dream life, or heal ourselves (or our clients) on the deepest level possible, we’ve got to work beneath the surface layer. We’ve got to work in a deeper dimension

By learning how to implement the power of Sacred Geometry, we begin working at the root of life. 

The place where energetic potential transforms from a nonphysical wave state into physical form. This is the missing link from the modern healing world; the key that unlocks the limitless potential of manifesting at the Quantum level. 

Creation uses geometry to materialize itself. This is the secret.

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