What can be done about Wireless Health Risks

  by Lance McKee, July 26, 2017 Almost universally, people have assumed that non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is harmless unless energy intensity exposure levels are high enough to heat living tissue. However, there is growing consensus among scientists that this is a false assumption. Around the world, a growing number of governments, associations and other institutions are Read More

Unity Clothing

  Mind Body Matrix launched Unity Clothing to inspire creativity with geometry. Using the geometry that powers EMF Shield’s harmonizing capabilities in its holograms, we are incorporating the same or a modified image onto t-shirts, tank/crop tops and leggings to spread the powerful message of Sacred Geometry – the building blocks of Nature! Our Unity Read More

EMF Shield – why was it created and how does it work?

The answer is a long one, lets go back to 1999 when I was first introduced to energy medicine. I was working on a bio-dynamic (organic) farm and experimenting with enhancing a plants growth using energetic techniques such as dowsing, radionics, crystals and rock, vibrational essences, biodynamic/organic tinctures and using shape in the design/layout. At Read More

Sacred Geometry Codes in Nature

The codes of life are everywhere, all we have to do is slow down and look 🙂 From geometric drawings to cells in the human body and into space with the formation of stars and galaxies, this is a self repeating Holofractographic coded Universe.