EMF Protection Pendant

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The original EMF Shield Hologram Pendant (since 2013)

Our EMF Protection Pendant Harmonizes electromagnetic radiation by projecting its coherent energetic field out up to a 19m radius.
The Hologram Pendant contains our original and unique Sacred Geometric Holograms fused between glass surrounded by a choice of 3 frames:

  • Sterling Silver 92.5
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel (gold plated)

: some photos look like the hologram is black, it isn’t. Hologram backing is Silver on one side and Gold on opposite side.
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EMF Protection Pendant

EMF Coherence Factor: 9.7/10

Our Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel EMF Shield Holographic Unity Protection Pendant comes with our original and unique Silver Hologram on one side and Gold Hologram on the reverse side.

Benefits of the Holographic Unity Pendant:

  • Electromagnetic Radiation Protection
  • Communicates Organic Creation Codes to every cell in your body
  • Connection to the Divine Blueprint
  • Increased body strength
  • Improved balance
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Overall health and well-being
  • Water-resistant


The EMF Shield Hologram Pendant has an amazing EMF harmonizing capacity by projecting its coherent energetic field out to a 19m radius as indicated via biofeedback/muscle testing.

This 30mm pendant has our Original and Unique EMF Shield Sacred Geometry Hologram fused between 2 glass sheets, surrounded by a sterling silver or medical grade stainless steel band.

The EMF Shield Hologram Pendant contains a micro thin Holographic Film encoded with very specific creation codes of the Universe and Organic Biology. These codes continuously project an informational field of sacred geometry into your local environment harmonizing any scattered Electromagnetic fields, thus assisting all within this field.


Its good to know you are protected!

By wearing the EMF Shield Unity Pendant you significantly reduce the negative health impacts of electromagnetic radiation. In addition to the protection, and apart from the fact that it looks amazing, you are receiving health benefits on a physical, neurological, cellular and DNA level as the hologram continually communicates its Original Creation Codes to your entire being enhancing strength and resilience. It truly is the easiest way to harmonize your local and internal environment. Wear your EMF Protection Pendant with confidence!

Care of your EMF Pendant Pendant

This pendant has glass components, treat with care to avoid scratches and breakage. The pendant is water-resistant, it is recommended that you do not take your pendant into water (shower, pool, ocean).

Sterling silver is an alloy containing metals that react with chemicals found in air and produce tarnish; high moisture levels, exposure to sunlight and contaminants such as salt water increase this reaction. Take steps to protect your sterling findings by keeping them in airtight packages, use tarnish-resistant products (such as tarnish tabs or strips) that absorb harmful chemicals, and store sterling findings in a cool, dry place. Most tarnish is easily removed by polishing with a mild abrasive or soaking in an anti-tarnish solution. Stainless Steel is much more durable.


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Weight0.025 kg
Dimensions5 × 1 × 10 cm

Stainless Steel – gold, Stainless Steel – silver, Sterling Silver

30 reviews for EMF Protection Pendant

  1. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    I have tested the EMF Shield Unity Pendant and it offers exceptional protection to a large range of electromagnetic smog.
    This conclusion was formed from testing a number of individuals in close proximity to everyday electromagnetic output devices including phones, microwave ovens, computers etc.

    These devices work better for this purpose than anything I have tested before.

    Guy Bennett B.Sc. Kinesiologists
    QLD, Australia

  2. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    I wanted to give you some feedback on the pendant that I now wear after Stewart bought his at the Eumundi markets in October. I got mine in late Nov when I said I would be traveling to the States for work, I wanted the pendant to offer protection from radiation at US airports. I started wearing and then got the strength to say to my employer I didn’t want to go on the trip! I’ve had an amazing experience in life since then and feel abundance flowing freely since that time. I am so grateful. I can remember telling you at the market that I was trying to fall pregnant and you said a baby would love the energy from the pendant. I focused my intention and I’m now pregnant! I had been trying to conceive for 8 months prior and fell pregnant on the next cycle.

    Oh, I just remembered something else – Stewart was focusing his attention on the pendant and rubbing it and told me he thought we should go to the area we have been looking to buy a house for the past 18 months as he thought the house for us was going to become available. The very next week, the exact house he had projected came on the market and we bought it.

    Both Stewart and I were wearing our pendants on Christmas day and my father decided he liked it and would like me to get him one too. He is very sensitive and finds the technological world overwhelming so I think it will be great for him.
    Thanks, Katie M.
    Victoria, Australia

  3. I purchased the holographic protective pendant about 6 weeks ago to wear as a protector as I live near many overhead power stations and I work on computers around 12 hours a day. And of course I’m exposed to the usual bombardment of EMF’s in my home, such as cell phones and Wi-Fi etc. I have been wearing the pendant day and night and have noticed that I have so much more energy and feel so much healthier. I am very sensitive to EMF’s and wearing the pendant has made a big difference to the way I feel on a day to day basis. Along with my daily exericse routine and a healthy diet, it completely satisfies my intention to take responsibility for my health and well-being and to keep my body-field (aura) protected at all times.

    Jacqueline Travis, BMsc
    Metaphysics Teacher & Energy Healer
    QLD, Australia

  4. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Hi Matt I met you about a year ago and have since spoken to you on the phone to reorder some more products! I mentioned before that the Kinesiologist I see believes these products to be very effective at well over 90% protection and I feel a lot happier knowing these are in my home! We have since purchased more devices- laptop,tablet, gaming consol and a smart TV. Do you recommend we obtain a protection hologram for each extra device?

  5. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Despite the wide shipping route, the article was… wonderful arrived within about 2 weeks.
    A very nice piece that I wear every day. My energy level has increased significantly since then.
    Reviewed by annetteduejon on 02 December, 2014

  6. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    love it, a very cool necklace.
    Reviewed by Alex Frisbie on 17 February, 2015

  7. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    This is amazing, simply amazing my life is out of control right now and only 1day into wearing I seem to feel better via placebo or necklace / not sure but either way it’s an amazing pendant I sincerely hope it does not break or fall apart for I want this around my neck for the rest of my life!, yah ! Thank you soooo much brotha from Australia!
    Reviewed by Patrick Hughes on 20 September, 2014

  8. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    this is a wonderful pendant!!! sooo pretty!! and works well too!!! arrived in super fast time… Superb Seller and Shop!! Thank You Very Much.
    Reviewed by cavej on 16 April, 2015

  9. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Shipping was fast and very reasonable. Item is as shown and described, very beautiful. As a bonus, people have commented on how beautiful it is. Thanks!
    Reviewed by dianb1 on 15 April, 2015

  10. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    After 2 weeks of use i feel as an empath that this is a great addition to anyone’s collection.. inc the great benefit of EMF protection.. it really does make a difference and i felt that right away. Thanks!

  11. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Very beautiful pendent. My girlfriend loves it and it’s very elegant looking!

  12. matt wingard

    matt wingard


  13. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Love this pendant 🙂 Thank you so very much! Glad I came across it! Absolute pleasure doing business with you 🙂 very satisfied customer!

  14. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    This is a beautiful piece and great company!! I LOVED IT!!

  15. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    I love my Sacred Geometry Hologram Pendant. I can feel the difference while I’m at work around lots of computers. I wear it to protect myself from the EMF around me all day and it does that perfectly. Thank you so much for creating this. <3

  16. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Very powerful item! Works great!

  17. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Wonderful pendant, expedited shipping.

  18. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    The pendant is beautiful. Great craftsmanship and very powerful. I feel a difference when I wear it. More energy and more grounded. Highly recommended!!!!!

  19. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Sorry about the late review! This is a beautiful pendant, and fast shipping, thanks!

  20. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Photos can’t do justice to its beauty. Thank you for this beautiful piece of art. It’ll be on my neck every day. ?

  21. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    It’s cool. Not sure how well it works but it’s really nice wearing it.
    Actually, I was driving a hybrid car and started feeling pressure around my eyes so I put the emf shield on and about 20 minutes later the eye pressure was gone. So perhaps it’s actually more than handsome jewelry.

  22. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    This is a very high quality creation and is a beautiful pendant. It boasts the best holographic sacred geometry I’ve seen to date.

  23. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Incredibly beautiful work. Was somewhat skeptical on whether or not there would be any positive results besides aesthetic appeal, but it does it’s job well. Open that heart chakra up! Would buy again from seller.

  24. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    For my graphic designer’s perspective this piece of jewelry represents everything that God ever created and one symbol a beautiful piece of art.

  25. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    I felt called to buy this pendant, as soon as I found it, and I’m very glad I did. This pendant is very unique and beautiful. Besides the visual aspect of the pendant, the 4 holographic organic creation codes projected into the pendant, help in structuring energetic fields in the body. As soon as I received the pendant, I strung it on a hemp wick, the perfect length for the pendant to rest near my heart space, as the seller instructs, and went to work. I was surprised to feel emense amounts of energy right where the pendant lay on my chest. I have since then, been wearing the pendant everyday upon recieving it, and the shift in my overall energy has been profound. Personally this pendant has created a positive energetic shift in my reality as well has helped in balancing/ structuring my chakras/ energy body.

  26. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    I love it. Delivery took 20 days, I am in Wisconsin, but the wait was worth it.
    The service excellent, Matt was pending the entire time of the tracking and responded my questions fast, he was very kind.
    Thank you Matt ?

  27. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    Amazing pendant! So glad I got it.

  28. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    I bought two pendants. My teenage son and I love them. He doesn’t wear jewellery but couldn’t wait to put it on. It is also great that you can reverse pendant gold/silver. It is very light.

  29. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    This pendant is amazing I’m totally baffled. I own a trifield meter and this pendant is definitely Producing some type of energy field. It produces a constant 5v per square meter on the standard electric setting and a constant 20v per square meter on the weighted electric setting. The weighted setting is actually able to measures the human body field. The most I have ever been able to measure on my own body field is about 12v per square meter.
    The 5v standard electric reading is very significant and I know this is going to sound crazy but after I tested and realized what this pendant is capable of I tried to charge a lithium ion battery for my laser pointer with it. I discharge the the battery from 4v down to 3.7 and within 1/2hr the battery had charged to 4v and had a good energy beam. Thank you for this amazing pendant!

  30. matt wingard

    matt wingard

    This pendant is absolutely stunning! So much sacred geometry embedded into it. I love that it has both gold and silver sides to it. A truly beautiful and powerful piece of protection.

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