EMF Protection for Whole House


The Infinity 8 Unity Tube (I8UT) contains 8 of our original and unique Sacred Geometry holograms layered in a specific way to enhance projection and harmonisation. It is wrapped in a silicone band.

The I8UT is used in environmental applications and within energy healing modalities.

*Available as silver or gold visible hologram – I8UT colour shipped will be what have in stock at the time of ordering.



Infinity 8 Unity Tube (I8UT)

The Infinity 8 Unity Tube (I8UT) contains 8 of our original and unique Sacred Geometry holograms layered in a specific way to enhance projection and harmonisation abilities assisting with structuring electromagnetic waves within a 300+m radius. The I8UT brings coherency to the whole house and local community. Simply place in the middle of the area you wish to harmonize.

Our EMF Shield hologram was first to market and is the leader in utilizing  Sacred Geometry codes to bring about electromagnetic field coherence. The EMF Shield Unity Symbol was developed in 2006 to structure water, later modified as a hologram in 2013 for EMF harmonisation and other health applications as used by therapists in energy based therapies.

Continued investigations into how Sacred Geometric codes can continue to harmonize EMF and perform in enhanced ways, we discovered a layering technique amplifying the projection capabilities of our holograms when arranged in a tube/cylinder.

This discovery created the I8UT for applications of environmental harmonisation and for use in natural therapies assisting with energy clearing and healing.

Each hologram contains nature based codes, often referred to as;

  • The Tube Torus (Toroidal Field)
  • The Egg of Life (Original 8 Cells)
  • The Tree of Life (Vortex points)
  • Metatrons Cube (5 Platonic Solids)
  • 4 Infinity symbols (Intent amplifier)


Are you an energy based therapist? Use the I8UT to assist with clearing and balancing in your modality.


*Upgrade* – I8UT with Maglev (magnetic levitation platform)

Note: When you place an order for a Maglev, we place the order immediately with our overseas supplier and the Maglev Platform will be delivered directly to your address. This reduces shipping costs for you and will take 30 days to arrive. We will ship the other items in your order within 1-3 business days and the Maglev will come 4 weeks later in a separate shipment. Comes with EU power plug.

You can utilise the LED lights on the Maglev by placing the platform under a shelf and using a mirror disc to reflect the light onto the I8UT


Get your I8UT amplified and on display with a magnetic levitation platform. The Maglev platform allows the I8UT to be suspended/floating while spinning. This does 2 things, first it looks awesome as the holograms spin capturing the light and displaying it’s Sacred Geometry codes, and more importantly, spinning amplifies the effects of the I8UT to harmonize EMF quicker and at greater distances.
Note: The Maglev has a chrome metal base, it will come wrapped in 2 layers of protective plastic. Remove this plastic to reveal the silver metal.


maglev platform


**Refer to product disclaimer in terms

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I8UT, I8UT+MagLev


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