Still baffles me why people think EMF Radiation is safe!?

Sugar. ToxicIm not sure how many products need to be proven harmful long after they have been advocated as safe and widely used and integrated into society. Sugar is Yet Another substance that was advocated by the US Government as a way to make the community healthier and demonized fat as the culprit of all our health problems, when in fact the study that this judgement was based on was fundamentally flawed and only resulted in proving the outcome which was wanted, mainly by the sugar industry, which was the massive marketing agenda of removing fats and replacing them with sugar, hence the Low Fat/Fat Free Industry was born! Resulting in Billions of dollars of increased sales for the Sugar Industry…

Unbiased research, one without a financial agenda, has found that sugar could possible be the most toxic substance ever introduced into modern society en-mass.

So if a simple substance like sugar composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen is found to be more than likely the sole contributor to the global Obesity epidemic and contributor to Inflammation in the body (inflammation being the leading contributor to over 80% of all disease), then why do people dismiss outright the potential for Wireless communications from phones, towers and WiFi modems to be causing comparable damage to the body, as it does in fact increase inflammation and disrupt cellular communications within organic biology.

I guess until main stream science is no longer dependent on funding from corporations with motives and agendas to increase profit we may need to wait another 20 years for the truth about Non-Ionising EMF Radiation and its real effects!

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A couple of sources (there are plenty of documentaries if you want to explore further):