Geometry influencing Phantom DNA

You may have heard Nassim Haramein mention the phenomenon known as “phantom DNA” in one of his presentations. It has been found that DNA can send ‘electromagnetic imprints’ of itself into distant cells and fluids which can then be used by enzymes to create copies of the original DNA, a process known as ‘replication at a distance’.

Special light can be used to ‘casts a shadow of a DNA fragment” on to the medium that DNA needs to be in for it to function: water. Perhaps water is able to foster this type of coherency because the structure of the water molecule is in perfect resonance with the geometry of space itself in an infinitely connected holofractographic structure…

Read the original study on DNA replication at a distance:    neuron cells

Source: Resonance Project

By applying the Cell Phone Hologram onto an area of the body that needs repair, you can speed up the healing process by sending the building block codes of the the sacred geometry hologram into your cells similar to how the phantom DNA sends it healing/repair information to the cells. There are many uses for our EMF Shield products other than just harmonizing emf radiation!