Unity Technology

The modern world is busy, lots of us live in cities, and the connectedness of things seems to be the norm with WiFi everywhere!

Remember the days before all this electromagnetic intrusion, when you could connect with nature? EMF Shield Unity Technology helps to connect you to what really matters, the codes of the Universe, natures very own building blocks, Sacred Geometry.

What is Reality anyway?

Quantum physics now shows us that all atoms (atoms make up all stuff) are 99.9999% space! Virtually no matter at all….. that’s hard to contemplate, however when we come from a view of energy and vibration, it makes complete sense that what we perceive as ‘physical matter’ are actually vibrational frequencies of geometry/tone/light.

Is this perceived reality a Holographic Matrix following specific codes/formula/geometry from which all is created and which all is connected in a continual harmonious flow? It would seem so….


Its time to really Connect. Ditch the wireless communications and re-discover the power that lies within each one of us. You truly are a masterpiece creation, more powerful that any quantum computer. Its time we took our power back, its time to fully embody the human being.

Universe background

4 ways to get our Unity Technology

We offer the EMF Shield Hologram as a single or 3-pack adhesive suitable for all electronic/wireless devices. Plus we have our hologram pendants available in sterling silver or as a complete kangaroo leather necklace.

Hologram sticker




See the Beauty in Nature

It all starts with Sacred Geometric Patterns


Add some Colour

and we are getting close to encompassing the EMF Shield Hologram….

Under attack

Move away from the stress of WiFi everywhere to the original connection…. Nature!

deepen your connection to nature
natures natural connection

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